Thank you for your interest in our private swim lesson program!
Our Swim Program is currently changing. please be patient as we make these changes. Please visit this link for more information.


We look forward to assisting you in the achievement of your aquatic goals, whether you want your child to swim competitively, learn basic water survival skills, or you as an adult would like to participate to gain confidence in a warm and relaxed environment. Students will participate in learning activities that allow them to explore the water in a creative, safe, and comfortable environment. Our 89 degree indoor pool is the ideal place to learn to swim, and the 30 minutes of exclusive one-on-one instruction you receive will speed your swim development and ensure that your next aquatic experience will be a positive one. Please read down the list for answers to more specific questions regarding scheduling, program curriculum, and policies. 

Our Program
Our program is based upon the PADI Swim School curriculum, which has a two-fold focus: swim skill development and safety. From the first lesson, we seamlessly integrate water safety and independent movement in the water with confidence-building activities designed to develop good stroke form. We do not teach skills that students will have to "un-learn" later as their stroke technique develops; each level builds on the previous level and encourages the formation of good strokes from the beginning. As a companion to this program, each student receives a Personal Record book and participation certificates or patches for each passed level (upon request). We teach all ages from children to adults and seniors, though all students are required to be potty trained.
Our Facility
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What to Bring

If swim lessons sound like something for you or you have any questions, please email our swim coordinator at jenifer@scubaemporium.com or call (708) 226-1614 and ask for Jenifer.

"My daughter was taught to fall in the pool with jeans, sweat shirt, and gym shoes without goggles and she was able to flip over onto her back and get back to the wall and climb out all by herself! Did I mention she is 4 years old? Thank you Scuba Emporium swim team!" -Laura P. Homer Glen


Lessons start no earlier than 10:30 am and go no later than 6:30 pm Monday through Friday. Below are the current available time slots. If there is a time or date you were wanting but it is not marked as available, please give us a call!


















Green boxes = available

*For those deaf or hard of hearing and prefer ASL, we can provide an instructor who can sign.