Air Fills

Gas Fills
Paintball Cylinders$5
Less that 50cu/ft$8
51cu/ft - 100cu/ft$10
Greater than 100cu/ft
$2.25 a cf
Please visit our other store in Plainfield.
Argon$1.00 per cu./ft
Please visit our other store in Plainfield.
36% Premix 0-50 cf$12
36% Premix 51-100cf
36% Premix 100cf+
36% Premix Doubles$20
Less Than 36% Nitrox$18
Less Than 36% Nitrox Twin Cylinders$24
Oxygen/Custom Blends
100% Oxygen$0.33/cf
Tanks 40cu/ft and under$7 fill charge
Tanks 40cu/ft and above
$10 fill charge
Custom Blend$14

The Fine Print
An Appropriate certification card is required for all fills and must be analyzed when the fill requires it. Cylinders must have a current hydrostatic test stamp and visual inspection sticker to be filled. We do NOT accept VIP stickers that do not include inspectors identity and contact info, unless you are the inspector or VIP documents accompany the tank.

Custom Blend fills and any mix with greater than 50% oxygen content require cylinders certified for Oxygen Service. Boost limit for Oxygen is 2600psi, boost limit for Argon is 4500psi.

We reserve the right to refuse to fill ANY cylinder. EAN32 Premix fills are generally available without delay, ABO and custom blends will generally need to be left for 24 hours.

If you're an independent visual inspector, ask about our special program to help you do your own inspections. If you're interested in becoming a visual cylinder inspector, ask about our training program.