Aqua Lung / Apex Factory Plus Service

The Aqua Lung Factory Plus Service is a premium service that we offer to all owners of Aqualung & Apex regulators. The service includes replacing the low pressure & high pressure hose o-rings, the schrader valve in any low pressure quick disconnect hose, replacing the high pressure spool o-rings, and preforming our Pressure Gauge Polygraph Test.

Pressure Gauge Polygraph Test

The pressure gauge polygraph puts any gauge or computer against a device that has an accuracy of +/- 10 psi to confirm the accuracy. Customers will receive a print out of the results from the test.

Regulator servicing is recommended by every manufacturer to be completed each year, even if the regulator was not used. This is because regulators are Life-Support Equipment and they require preventative maintenance every year to ensure they will work proper on your next dive.

We service equipment from: Aqualung, Apex, US Divers, Mares/Dacor, Scubapro, Oceanic, Aeris, Zeagle,Hollis, Diverite, XS Scuba, OTS, Sherwood, Poseidon, Beuchat, & Atomic.

Typical turn-around time is approximately (2) weeks, however we strive to have your equipment back to you as fast as possible without compromising the quality of service. Anything that needs to be serviced faster than (2) weeks can be red lined for an additional charge.

If you require any equipment while yours is in for service, you can use one of our rentals free of charge until your equipment is back to you.

We also service equipment from out of state, and even out of the country, so please have a Equipment Service Form with your package.

Regulator Service
Regulator 8-Point Inspection$25
Regulator Full Rebuild$21 per stage/plus repair parts
Red Line Service (One Week)$30
Next Day Red Line Service$50
Oxygen Cleaning$15
Aqua Lung Factor Plus Service$20 (Includes Cost of Extra Labor & Parts)
Pressure Gauge Polygraph Test$10 (Included in Aqualung Factory Plus Service)