Standard Cylinder Service

We service everything from paintball cylinders, to SCBA cylinder, to SCUBA cylinders. Whether it is up for hydro testing, valve service, or visual inspections we can do it all on site!

Service Cost
Cylinder Hydro Testing Only $35.00
SCBA Hydro Testing Only $45.00
Hydro Test, Visual Inspection, & Fill $50.00
Visual Inspection & Fill $23.00
Cylinder Tumbling $50.00
Oxygen Cleaning $15.00
Light Tank Tumble $40.00
Excessive Tank Tumble $60.00
Red Line Service $30.00
Cylinder Cleaning Service

Service Cost
Light Tank Tumble $40.00
Excessive Tank Tumble $60.00
Cylinder Whipping $15.00
Oxygen Cleaning (Used Tank) $80.00
Oxygen Cleaning (New Tank) $60.00